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2013-01-12 16:00:45 by slipperyslopes

I'm back! I dont know for how long... but yeah, new song! Listen to it prease


2012-11-03 14:10:22 by slipperyslopes

I've decided to move from Newgrounds now... I'm thankful for all the helpful people who've been on this site and brought me to the place I am musically... But Yeah, I dunno... Maybe if i want to make game music i'll open a new account and start fresh... but right now i'm gonna stop posting in Newgrounds... I have one last song that I'd like to post... But after that... Yeah... You guys are free to use or remix any of my songs... Thanks for everything, guys! :)


2012-09-09 17:25:48 by slipperyslopes

It's pretty awkward listening to my old songs... :P Them songs i made with LMMS when I just started making music... But at the same time, it's sorta cool to see my progress... :P Thanks to all of you people who helped me get this far! I'm hoping to get better... and hopefully i can look back on the songs i'm posting now and shake my head in shame. ;)


New Picture

2012-08-17 14:35:12 by slipperyslopes

If you're curious, I changed my newgrounds picture... Yes, it's Abed (From Community), 8-bit version (Journey to the center of Hawkthorn), and modified (Not by me) to have a batman cape on. Yes. It is awesome. So is community. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie!

Thanks, Decky for the idea... Made the picture an 8-bit version of myself instead. :)


2012-04-15 15:49:18 by slipperyslopes

Thinking about doing vocals in some of my future songs.
Can anyone help me make lyrics?
I need some tips... Never done this before...