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Haha, that's awesome! Didnt actually see this till now... Thanks for the credits. :) You should really try to get someone to do some voice acting for you... :) Thanks.

Potatoman responds:

Thankyou : )

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Hmmm... Pretty awesome game!
Its reminding me of dungeons and dragons... Any influence?

squidly responds:

Probably :D

Awesome! The Last boss is really difficult to beat tho... Anyways, Good Job!

ManuelTacoface responds:

Thanks dude, btw thanks for the music!

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Ooh, nice one! :) I feel like most of what i want to say is already said in the past comments... Drums and guitar awesomeness and all that... But seriously, good, job... The drums were pretty epic... I can never keep my attention on making my drums really unique... But i'm glad you were able to. :D
Nice one... Keep improving!

stunkel responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate the comments! They always make my day just a little bit better :D

Hey good job! I'm a huge fan of Pokemon... :) And man, i miss playing that game...
The song was good, but I felt like maybe a bit of the epic-ness was lost in the song...
It sounded a lot more happy than i always imagined my gym battles... But hey, it's your interpretation. :)
But I think that this piece could definately use some more dynamics. :P Hmmm... :) Not quite sure what else though... Maybe more intense drums?

Lol, i might just be projecting my expectations of that song on this one. :)
Nevertheless I enjoyed it... Good job!

stunkel responds:

Haha, yeah I pretty much just made my own interpretation of the song. I wasn't trying to make it as if this could be in the game. Don't worry, i can't see this version being in the game either, and nothing can really compare to the original 8-bit awesomeness that is the pokemon gym theme. And possibly a more intense drumline could help. But thanks for the review! They always help a ton!

Hmmm.... I liked it... I found it more relaxing that sad... but yeah... It was a good song! I sorta got weirded out by the ending... Thought my browser had frozen or something... :P Good song overall... Just... yeah, I didnt really like the ending too much... Probably cause i wasnt expecting it... :) But hey, good job!

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Cool stuff!

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